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Do you want to help drive change in Toronto? Join a city board (Deadline July 11).

Join a Toronto Comittee or Board

A lot of us criticize the way things are in the city of Toronto but very few of us get out of the cafes and bars where we hold our debates about the city to actually do anything. Do you want to make a change and stop being a couch potato? Now’s your chance to do something:

The city of Toronto is looking for people to serve on the Board of Directors for a number of City organizations including the Toronto Board of Health, the Airports Authority, the MTCC, Toronto Hydro and a number of other influential city committees.

For more details visit: http://www.toronto.ca/public-appointments/opportunities.htm#apply

For a list of all boards, please visit: http://www.toronto.ca/public-appointments/board-various.htm