About Ammar Khan

Ammar Khan’s Toronto Blog  is written by me – Ammar Khan (@ammar_ammar on Twitter). If you want to know why I write about Toronto, check out my post: “Why a Toronto Blog?”

I’m currently the Canadian social media manager for Ford and I have a keen interest in new trends in interactive marketing and social media. In the past I have worked on online marketing strategy mandates for some of Canada’s most recognizable brands including: Rogers, Bell Canada, Sears , Air Canada, Aldo Shoes, The Vancouver Olympics, Cineplex Theaters and The Canadian Royal Mint.

I’m a web entrepeneur and I was one of the co-founders of Gigasize.com – one of the most popular file sharing hubs on the web and a breakaway Web 2.0 success in 2006. The site grew to an Alexa worldwide traffic rank of 1500 purely via social media and especially the Digg community.

Ammar Khan

At the Montreal Car Show

Find me online at:

Twitter: @ammar_ammar
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/onlinemarketingmanager
Work Blog:  The Ford Blog http://blog.ford.ca


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