Should a Las Vegas-Style Casino Come to Toronto?


The city is divided on whether a Las Vegas – style casino is advantageous or detrimental for Toronto.  There is debate whether a casino should open up in downtown Toronto at Exhibition Place or the Metro Convention Centre and also grow a current gambling facility at Woodbine Racetrack in Etobicoke.

There are some convincing arguments made for going forth with opening a casino. There would be the expansion of the convention centre, thousands of new jobs, and increased tourism.  A formula has been proposed where the province of Ontario would get 50% of the profits with a maximum of 100 million dollars annually. Of course, the city of Toronto would be allotted more of the shares than other cities in the province.

There are also very convincing arguments against the development of a casino, and many Torontonians are  against opening a casino in their city.  There are a number of concerned downtown residents saying that giving away the waterfront might  be a mistake.  It would be something the city would have to live with forever and they refer to data that shows Casinos can lead to the following due to gambling addiction:

  • An increase in bankruptcies
  • Unemployment
  • Welfare
  • Medical/counseling and criminal justice costs
  • Adverse impacts on families

 Those that are against the casino have setup a petition that you can sign until May 7th at the following link:


2 responses to “Should a Las Vegas-Style Casino Come to Toronto?

  1. It looks like this whole casino thing isn’t going to happen after all. Council is expected to kill the casino idea at the next meeting according to the globe and mail.

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