CN Tower Edgewalk – For Toronto Thrill seekers

Do you love bungie jumping, skydiving and other crazy things that I would not go near even if someone paid me 1000 bucks?  If so the CN Tower Edgewalk  might be a cool way to get thrills this summer.  For 175$ starting in August, you’ll be able to circle around the CN tower without a guard rail to protect you while you walk on a see through ledge.

On a side note: When I was in Montreal the joke was that the CN was a towering symbol of Torontonians trying to compensate for their deficiencies. The CN tower was the tallest free standing structure from 1976 until 2010, but then the insecurities of Dubai and China manifested themselves in the form of Burj Khalifa and the Canton tower knocking the CN tower off it’s perch.


3 responses to “CN Tower Edgewalk – For Toronto Thrill seekers

  1. Um, not for a million dollars! Seriously, I’m one of those people who stand by a water’s edge and start having the uncontrollable urge to jump in. This would be the death of me!!!

    • Lol, feel the same way. I did however go to the CN tower for the first time ever 2 weeks ago. I’d always wanted to check it out since I was a kid and would visit Toronto from my hometown of Montreal but never got a chance. After 4 years here I figured it was a must do.

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