Bollywood is coming to Toronto starting June 23

Bollywood is coming to Toronto.  Toronto is hosting the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA), beginning Thursday, June 23 with film, music, and fashion and ending with the Indian Oscars on Saturday.   Many fans have been hanging out at the Pearson International Airport this week hoping to meet the many Bollywood actors coming to attend the three day celebration.  Over 200 filmmakers and celebrities are flying over from India and abroad, including three generations of the Kapoor family, the Deol family, the famous Shah Rukh Khan, “Slumdog Millionaire” actor Anil Kapoor, and Priyanka Chopra.  There are many Bollywood fans in the GTA and a huge South Asian population, so having  IIFA in Toronto is going to be an amazing experience.  It’s apparently been sold out for months. Would have loved to cover it in person!


4 responses to “Bollywood is coming to Toronto starting June 23

  1. I missed most of the IIFA, but I do have a cool story to share – my maternal grandfather was a set coordinator of Bollywood movies in 1960’s Mumbai. He was sometimes used as an extra, and my mom grew up surrounded by the glory that is Indian movies! Trying to track down a couple of movies where he made brief appearances to gift to my mom – I know it would make her day as he has long since passed.

    • That’s a touching story. I grew up on the old Amitabh Bachan movies, those oldies were amazing. Don’t really watch much Bollywood anymore, but I liked 3 Idiots last year and it was great!

  2. To tell the truth I’m not really into the Bollywood scene either; just like stalking the pictures of all the beautiful actresses.

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