Why a Toronto Blog?

Toronto GTA blog mapI started off writing a blog about online marketing but life became busy and I just was not updating it, instead relying on twitter to do dozens of micro blog posts every day.

I’ve decided that I want to write about something different than the social media and online marketing I always tweet about and have decided to develop a Toronto Blog.  I’m a bit of an SEO whore so I tried to register TorontoBlog.com but found out that it was registered by a domain squatter who want’s $23,000 for it.  I offered him $500 but he laughed me off 🙂 .  In any case TorontoBlog.net should still have some  SEO power over time.

So why a blog about Toronto?  I moved here in 2007 to work at Bell and really had no intention of staying longer than a few years.  My eye was on getting into the Silicon valley to work at a start-up or to launch another start-up with a venture capital backer like did when I co-founded GigaSize.com.  But life changed when I got married to a local Toronto girl and what was supposed to be a 1 year stepping stone has become home!

Stay tuned as I share my thoughts on life in Toronto and blog about the cool people, places and events I seem to always encounter here!


3 responses to “Why a Toronto Blog?

  1. I came here not quite sure about what the city would hold and have quickly found it to be home! Toronto offers so much no matter what your interests are — diversity of people, thoughts, interests and activities.

    I’m happy to call Toronto home now 🙂

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