Interactive Retail Window – WeSC Motion Sensitive Videowall

I was blown away by this video of a custom retail window installation where people passing by are detected by motion sensors and their movements control a digital character within the display.  A totally different and innovative way of owning foot traffic eyeballs!

The installation was developed by students of the Hyper Island digital school for WeSC clothing.

Digital signage has come such a long way from when I used to work on out of home digital signage  in 2007-2008. Pretty soon I expect we’ll see a lot more interactivity with the  crowd, whether it be with Kinect like sensors, creative changes based on text message voting or even triggers like weather.  A consumer that actually interacts and spends time with your brand advertising is going to remember it a lot more than when they pass by undifferentiated creative in a sea of out of home advertising.


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