Taking out of home to a new level: 3D Projection Mapping campaign by Samsung

Digital signage is far more engaging than ubiquitous static billboards, but the latest in HD projection technology puts today’s digital signage to shame:  3D projection mapping is a technology that allows a  series  of HD Video projectors to take over the surface of a building, wall or road in a high foot traffic area and then  create a powerful visual experience. The following is a sample of 3D projection mapping campaign by Samsung  in Europe:

I’d love to see this used by a major brand in Canada.  Imagine taking over a building surface at an event like the Canada Day fireworks …. it would be a chance to make a terrific brand play and would be uber-powerful considering most Canadians have never seen anything like it.

I’ve always had an interest in how out-of-home advertising will evolve beyond plain outdoor billboards with the evolution of technology.  I was lucky enough to work on some cool digital signage campaigns a few years ago and had the opportunity to do some custom creative for the contoured screen at Dundas Square in Toronto,  mostly by adapting flash content that had been created for campaign and product launch microsites and repurposing for the screens. By comparison, 3D projection mapping is a lot more involved but the results can be stunning!


2 responses to “Taking out of home to a new level: 3D Projection Mapping campaign by Samsung

  1. Hi there,its my final year in university , and I’m really interested in incorporating projection mapping into my final project , but the problem is that i can’t find any tutorials about the 3d projection , and i would be gratefully thankful if you were able to help by any means .

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where you can find technical information on this. Maybe you can contact local advertising and marketing agencies since they would be the most experienced with implementation.

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